Medical Evaluation
Estimated quotation
Ways of Payment
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Medical Evaluation
The initial quotation by Ultrasthetics International will be an estimation that shall be confirmed once the medical evaluation has been made.
The first consultation shall be made directly by e-mail with the doctor specialist, who may ask for the patient's medical history and other clinical tests before it.

Either the doctor or the patient has no obligation before the acceptance of the final quotation.
It is necessary to get to an "agreement" for a definition between what is requested by the patient and the possibilities of improving the aesthetic aspect.
In case of any dispute, Ultrasthetics shall be responsible for the litigation, only if it takes place in Argentina, under the Argentine law.


Estimated quotation
The initial quotation made by Ultrasthetics International, shall be and estimation that will have to be confirmed once the medical evaluation has been made. In case the patient decides to add any other procedure after the consultation, a new quotation shall be made, which will have to be confirmed by both parties.

The quotation shall not include:
1. Medicines prescribed for the patient's recovery.
2. Bandages and underwear prescribed for the post-surgery.
3. Additional Procedures.


Ways of Payment
Payment can be made as follows:

  • Cash
  • Ultrasthetics gives you the possibility of paying through all credit and debit cards, and also in installments by credit card.

1. Approved Quotation: pay advance of 30% of the total amount (non reimbursable).
2. 15 days prior to the trip: remaining 70%.

Cancellation Policy:

Time of cancellation notice
Non-reimbursable amount
on the total quotation
7 running days before the trip
1 day before the trip
Once in Argentina, the treatment is cancelled:
- Due to medical reasons
- Due to the patient’s decision



This site offers general information about different treatments and surgeries, which will be an introduction to them. Therefore, the data herein published shall not be used as a warranty of result. During consultations, the specialist doctor will provide the patient with all the information necessary for the treatment according to the particular condition of each patient. Ultrasthetics International offers references from other patients as an example, but they are not a warranty of results.


Privacy Policy
Ultrasthetics International protects the privacy of every person who visits our site, or those who contact us. We will only meet personal information after the patients’ consent, i.e., in case it is provided voluntarily by the patient. The patient’s personal information is extremely confidential.

Personal Information
When the patient gives us that kind of information, Ultrasthetics International may:
- Save and process the data for a better understanding of the patient’s necessities, and for improving our services.
- Use the information to provide the patients with further information.
- Reveal that information to an official entity, when it is required by law.
The patient may forbid the usage of his information at any time. Ultrasthetics International does not sell or borrow this information, and it is never used for any other communications.

Protected Privacy
Ultrasthetics International considers of great importance to keep safe all the personal information of its patients. However, it has to be taken into account that this on-line information could be seen by unknown people.
Ultrasthetics International works to protect your privacy, but we cannot warrantee the security of the information on-line, and the patient provides it at his own risk.

In case of any medical discrepancy or conflict may occur due to a bad praxis by the patient, it is established between the parties that any legal action must be filed by the patient against the surgeon in the jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires of the Argentine Republic.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions
The usage of this web site implies the acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

Ultrasthetics International thanks any comments or questions about this policy. Due to the quick changes of the technologies of Internet, we will be able in some occasion to renew this statute. All the updates will be published in this Web site.

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