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Liposculpture or liposuction is the removal of adipose tissue (fat) from different parts of the body: ankle, inside leg, gluteus, hips, back, arms, neck and double chin, among others.This is accomplished through fat suction and removal from inconvenient or undesirable areas.

Objective of the procedure:
Recovering or creating our body shapes, stylizing abd giving back aesthetic shapes. It is a surgery that if it is properly carried out by professional physicians and when is indicated; it gives big satisfactions to the patients who perform it.
Results are either permanent results or long duration, combined with a correct body weight keep fit.

note for patients living abroad: you will have to stay for a minimum of 10/15 days for post surgical controls.

Laser Liposculpture and ultrasound liposculpture:

Ultrasthetics gives you two options. Both methods are effective and give an excellent result when they are properly carried out. Ultrasound, when indicated is less invasive.

Surgical procedure:
Through very small incisions (1mm as maximum) cannules, which later have the role of fat suction to the patient in the desired area, are introduced. There will be a previous injection of a special liquid that blends the adipose tissueLiposculpture magnitude will determine the necessary degree of hospitalization.

Laser Liposculture
It is important for people who think of a laser liposculpture to know that it is used together with conventional cannules or conventional liposculpture. Apart from that, optical fiber will be introduced in the same way the cannule was introduced, leaving a small scar with similar characteristics.-

Lipotransfer to other areas
With the possibility of re-deliver it into other necessary areas.
Ex.: removing fat from gluteus and add it alternative in lips, or from legs to gluteus, everything depending on the case.

Post Surgical Care
Presotherapy garment during 15 days (the whole day).
Back to work: a few days.
Normal Mobility: 2 weeks.
Sport Activities: 1 month.
Complete Maturity of scans: a few months.

We offer you to stay in hotels of great category, located near to the clinic.

We offer you a transfer service from and to the Airport, and from the hotel to the clinic.

Personal Companion
As from its arrival to the country, a personal assistant will be with you during the time the treatment lasts. The assistant will be at your disposal to pick you up at the airport, to take you to the hotel, to go with you to the clinic during consultations and treatments.

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