Tourist Attractions


Tourist Attractions

Buenos Aires

Mar del Plata

The Pampas

Iguazú Falls
Andine Northwest



The city of Buenos Aires is the Capital City of Argentina, located at the banks of de la Plata River. Approximately 3 million people live there. Added to the population of the metropolitan area, the total population surpasses the 10 million inhabitants, what makes it one of the 10 urban centers with more population in theWorld.

The weather in Buenos Aires is good during the whole year. The annual average temperature of 18 degrees allows a few intense cold and hot days, what lets people go for a walk around the city at any time of the year.

Buenos Aires is prepared to offer lodging for more than five million tourists every year. The main hotel chains of the world of four and five stars offerservices in the city. It is possible to choose hotels of one, two and three stars categories. The offer includes, in addition, apart hotels and economic lodgings for those who are looking for cheaper prices.

In Buenos Aires there are meals of different regions and severalnative specialties. The restaurants area is well delimited. North Costanera and Puerto Madero are known by their barbecues. De Mayo Avenue is the axis of the Spanish food.
The most traditional pizzas can be found at Corrientes Street. The areas of Cortázar Square, Palermo Hollywood, Recoleta and Las Cańitas offer gourmet specialties: elaborated, refined and exotic food.

Culture and recreation:
Buenos Aires is a city distinguished by the variety of artistic expressions and by his known cultural supply. The Colon Theater and small experimental theaters. Old bookstores and new cultural centers. More than one hundred museums. Artisan fairs and modern commercial centers. Historical coffee stores. Tango, milonga. Parks. Bars where you can enjoy the first and last glass of the night.
The city offers traditional strolls and secret places, it registers an intense theater activity in its three circuits: official, commercial and independent. A variety of proposals is offered for all ages during the whole year.

The night:
Concerts, festivals, theater, cinema, meetings in coffee stores. Milongas and houses of tango. Pubs, discotheques and Bowling. Buenos Aires has a permanent nighttime activity.
As from 7 p.m. (already dark in winter, and when the sun starts going down in summer) you can start living Buenos Aires night (that just finishes when the first lights of the day surprise it).




Mar del Plata is located 404 km away from the City of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a tourist city of a great beauty which provides a huge offer of entertainment and sightseeing; it also offers a great variety of lodging.




The province of Cordoba is one of the main tourist centers of the country, thanks to the landscaping beauty of its areas full of mountains and its kind weather. Pure air, plentiful sun, and pleasant temperatures in almost every month of the year color the landscape in different tones. It is, in addition, a tourist destiny due to its history and its present plenty of cultural and recreational activities. The Historical Center and its rich architectonic patrimony are the reason to visit this place.




The unmistakable landscape of the plains of Pampas is the agriculturalcenter of the country and home of the typical "Argentine gaucho". It includes part of the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampas, Santa Fe and Cordoba. The food is one of the most excellent characteristics of the zone, where the traditional "asado criollo" was born.




The amazing beautiful landscape of the Iguazú Falls, as well as the variety of animal life and the botanical interest that make this place one of the most important and beautiful tourist centers of the world.
They are constituted by more than 270 falls originated by the existence of many small islands that divide the main river's current. They are 82 meters high and 4 km wide, dimensions that, together with the volume of water carried during the rainy station, put them among the most important and spectacular falls of the world.




In the bottom of The Andes mountain range, the region of Cuyo is characterized for being a contrast zone. It is an arid region full of mountains, but furrowed by mighty rivers with originating water from The Andes. The Aconcagua hill, the highest hill of Western Hemisphere (6,959 meters.), next to the Provincial Park of the same name, has spectacular places for the practice of trekking and, for the expert climbers.




The Northwest is, in its great majority, a mountainous region with spectacular landscapes. In the hills it can be seen the contrast of the snow capped picks; the red, violet and green colors of the alive rock.
The tourist Train to the Clouds in Salta is one of highest of the world, and it allows seeing landscapes in a unique way.
The Quebrada de Humahuaca in Jujuy with its colorful mountain ranges and colorful villages, some of them pre-Columbian ones, is worthy to be visited.




In the south of the country we can find this predominantly mountainous regionalternated with natural lakes, glaciers and forests; it has one of the most spectacular landscapes of Argentina. There are numerous national parks to be visited. They protect its fauna and its landscapes (among them we can find the Lanín, Nahuel Huapi, The Arrayanes, The Alerces, Puelo Lake, The Glaciers and Tierra del Fuego).
Several tourist destinies are visited by travelers from all over the world.
Among the most recommendable points we can visit one the most beautiful and accessible glaciers of the world: Glacier Perito Moreno which is 60 ice meters high.




It is the most austral city of the world. It is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida and Islas del Atlantico Sur. Located at the banks of the Beagle Channel, it offers a unique landscape as a combination of mountain, sea, glaciers and forests.
An extremely colorful city that combines colors and unevenness with the silhouette of the Andes as the background, and at the same time a building resistance between its modern buildings and the wood houses.



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